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Cyber Smart Week

9 Oct 2022

Cyber Smart Week

Cyber Smart Week 2022 is here!

InPhySec, along with CERT NZ is promoting Cyber Security awareness with Cyber Smart Week.

As the time we’re spending online increases, so do the security risks. CERT NZ’s latest data shows that online security incident reports are up 48% from this time last year. These incidents are impacting our finances, our friends, family and workplaces.

The good news is that CERT NZ’s Cyber Smart Week is back with four simple steps to help you take your online security to the NEXT LEVEL.

  1. Strengthen your password game  - Long, strong, unique passwords are harder to crack.

  2. Power up by turning on two-factor authentication  - Keep attackers out with a second layer of defence.

  3. Update to full strength! - Activate auto updates on apps and devices to dodge security weaknesses.

  4. Boost your privacy defence - Switch social media settings to private to protect your personal info.

With these steps in place, the risk of experiencing an incident is much lower, and if you are impacted, having these steps in place will help reduce the impact.

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