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Strength. Knowledge. Together.

Our partners are all leaders in their respective fields and we are proud to be in partnership

with them.


Together with our partners we continue to offer one of the strongest cyber and information security capabilities available.



Internationally acclaimed as a leader in endpoint security.

We are proud to be New Zealand's longest and most experienced CrowdStrike partner.

The CrowdStrike Falcon Platform offers threat detection and response capabilities unlike anything else we have experienced.



If you use a cloud service in a business context, you almost certainly need Netskope.

Netskope is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). This service sits between you and your cloud services and provides visibility, along with protection and control of the information shared to and from your cloud service provider.


Vectra AI

Vectra is a network detection and response (NDR) platform using artificial intelligence to protect your network.  NDR does to the network what EDR does to the endpoint.  All internal traffic is continuously monitored to detect hidden attacks in progress to secure your entire IT infrastructure.



AttackIQ enables our clients to continuously validate that their security controls are performing as expected in near real-time.  Organisations likely spend between 5-10% of their IT budget on buying and operationalising a layered security stack to defend against growing cyber threats.  Given the cost and reliance on these controls, AttackIQ our clients assurance that these security controls are working as expected.

Our Partners

Business Partners.



Delta Insurance are passionate about Cyber Risk Management and helping their customers to understand the risks associated with cyber threats.

Many Cyber insurance policies only provide an insurance solution. Delta will go much further by helping businesses adopt a robust cyber risk strategy to reduce your risk and determine whether you should invest in paying cyber insurance premiums.

We are thrilled to have been chosen by Delta to offer both pre-loss assessments and post-loss incident response services.

This means we help Delta's customers prevent a loss and therefore better manage their insurance premiums or when the unfortunate happens we help them recover from an incident and prevent a recurrence.


Vero Liability

Vero Liability is a widely recognised and leading specialist liability insurance provider. It is trusted by many of New Zealand's largest companies and professional firms.

We are very proud that Vero Liability has chosen InPhySec to provide its post-loss incident response and forensic expertise to its customers.

Donaldson Brown


Donaldson Brown is a specialist insurance brokerage.

Together with Donaldson Brown, we have developed a unique cyber product that incorporates both of our specialities and blends cyber insurance advisory along with cyber defence advisory services.

The Donaldson Brown team are easy and straightforward to deal with, as described by their quote: "No Hidden Fees. No Hidden Commissions. Total Transparency"

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