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Trusted. Security. Partner

Welcome to InPhySec.


Our Clients rely on us to provide specialist guidance, services and education in cyber, information and physical security.  At InPhySec, we like to do things a little differently.  Using our backgrounds in government security and criminal intelligence, we take the approach that technology manages the symptoms and governance manages the cause.  We take an intelligence led, proactive approach to all of our work, resulting in exceptional service and security outcomes for our clients.


We are a friendly team of experts with deep and extensive collective knowledge and experience in criminal intelligence, criminal methodology and cyber security practices.  Our founding Directors hail from senior intelligence and security backgrounds in the NZ government. 


Our purpose is to share our expertise with our clients in order to protect their most important asset, their Business.  We are privately owned meaning no red tape and no parent company agendas.  Security and protection of our clients information and assets is our one and only objective.  


We choose to use only the best in market technology as our tools and we operate out of a hardened high tech custom built Secure Operations Centre.  It has been said that we offer one of the most comprehensive specialist security services in Australasia. 

Security, Advice and Forensics.


It's likely you've got something that needs protecting (before it's too late), our team of experienced consultants and Technical Directors can help you figure out how best to do that.  Or you may have a digital breach that needs investigating - whether an external attack or employee/civil related, we have a team of Digital Forensics experts that are certified by the International Association of Investigative Specialists (IACIS) on hand to help.

Give us a call and we can discuss a customised solution for your needs.



security services

If you are after fully managed or partly managed Endpoint Security, Network Security, Cloud Security, Office Security, SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) services or Incident Response and Digital Forensics, we can create a customised service based on the needs of your organisation. 


Our staff are trained experts in security operations.  This, coupled with our technology partners who are acknowledged leaders in their field, we provide a best in breed managed security solution for any sized client - from large government agencies to small and medium sized commercial enterprises.



Our consultancy services include Risk Management, vITSM, Security Policy, Audits, PSR/NZISM accreditation.


We firmly believe that high quality, experience based, pragmatic advisory is one of the most valuable services we offer our clients. 


Our consultants are highly experienced with backgrounds in security management in large and complex organisations.  We understand business and organisational context and we understand why and how security is required to help businesses succeed. 


Our technical expertise has been forged at the frontline of cyber defence.  Our core technical team originates from government cyber security.  We have extensive first hand experience of real world cyber threats on a global scale. 


Our Technical Security services include Digital Forensic Services, Baseline Security Assessments, Wireless Security Assessments, Vulnerability Assessments and Security Design Assessments.

Our Clients

At InPhysec we work with many large government and commercial organisations as well as much smaller clients, both in New Zealand and abroad. 


We believe that no organisation is exempt from criminal threat and therefore treat every single one of our clients with the same level of care, no matter what their size or budget..

We actively support a highly diverse range of sectors including:


Insurance  |  Healthcare  |  Funds Management  |  Technology  |  Financial Services  |  Banking  |  Government  |  Manufacturing  |  Professional Services  |  Mining and Metals  | Tourism and Travel  |  Construction

Trusted. Security. Partner


Government Panels

ICT Security and Related Services Panel (SRS)

InPhySec has been a member of the All of Government ICT Security and Related Services Panel (SRS)

for a number of years. We are one of the few providers approved to be a primary provider

of all five service areas to government:

InfoSec Risk Management & Assessment  |  InfoSec Security Governance and Strategy  InfoSec Assurance  Source Code, Application Review and Technical Testing  ICT Forensics, Investigation and Security Incident Response



Telecommunications as a Service (TaaS)

InPhySec is a member of the All of Government Telecommunications-as-a-Service (TaaS) panel to supply a fully-managed security service to New Zealand government agencies.


AoG Consultancy Panel


InPhySec was awarded a place on the All of Government Consultancy Panel for the following subcategories:

Audit  |  Policy, Research and Development



Office of the Privacy Commissioner

InPhySec Staff are named by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and are approved to provide Privacy Impact Assessments and related privacy advice.

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Contact Us

Level 1, Berl House, 108 The Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand


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