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Welcome to InPhySec's Centre of Excellence.

We believe that education is a key factor in beating cyber crime - the more educated that Directors, business owners, staff and society are on how cyber criminals operate, what to look out for and how to best protect themselves from them, the harder the criminals have to work to succeed.


We pride ourselves on sharing our knowledge in order to educate - whether it is Board/governance engagement, upskilling security and IT teams, public awareness or the two scholarships we award each year to Victoria University students, we are committed to education and awareness about cyber crime.


And it's not all technical.  We believe in simplifying cyber crime to make it widely understood.  The cyber security world can seem daunting to an outsider looking in and has become known as a bit of a dark art.  We're here to bust that.  To put it simply, cyber criminals are just thieves who are, on the whole, just humans like you and I.  Once you grasp that, the world of cyber crime and security becomes much more understandable.

Enjoy browsing our educational content below.  We are continually adding to this library so please check back regularly.  You might also like to subscribe to our You Tube channel. 


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Web series



Don't think you or your organisation are a target for cyber crime?  Think again.

This informative series of short videos is aimed at Business Owners, Directors, Management, IT teams and pretty much anyone who uses a computer for business purposes.


We've teamed up with our partners CrowdStrike and Netskope to break down all the basics of cyber crime - who the criminals are, what they are after, how they go about it, the basics of how cyber security works and why it's not just about technology.

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