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We can help.

No matter the size of our client or the budget, we offer a specialised security service that will fit.
We help organisations of all sizes, from the smallest of commercial clients on our managed services to our largest government clients with full security programmes.
Please browse our services below and don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

Our Services

Managed Security Services

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Our Security Management Centre is built around state of the art cyber security technology and processes. We have put considerable time into evaluating technology and building services that appropriately utilise this technology.

However, our true strength is our people and process. Our senior people are all seasoned analysts with extensive experience in all facets of threat discovery, detection and response. Through our government experiences we were involved in threat hunting long before it became a security trend.

You may hear claims that managed security is eye-wateringly expensive and out of reach for small and medium business. We have worked with our technology partners to design a portfolio of services that meets the New Zealand market. Our services are designed to scale from the very small to the very large. Our smallest customers enjoy the same level of protection as our largest customers. We currently provide managed security to sole traders through to government departments.

EndPoint Security

Built on the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform, we offer a fully managed endpoint security service.

With this service we provide threat hunting and discovery, threat protection and response, and systems hygiene reporting for our customers.

Through this service we have protected our clients from numerous cyber-attacks.

Cloud Security

In partnership with NetSkope we offer a fully managed cloud access security service.

Simply put, if you are using any cloud services, we would encourage you to investigate this service.

Office 365 Security

Office 365 can be configured to be more secure. Typically its logging and auditing features are poorly configured and not managed or monitored, which can have a severe impact on incident response.

To address this issue, we have developed a service to manage and monitor the security of your Office 365 environment.


Through our security management centre we offer both SOC and SIEM services, which underpin our managed services. Using the Mitre ATT@CK matrix as a basis, we monitor for and protect and defend against a variety of threat scenarios. These scenarios are based on our extensive experience investigating various cyber and information system attacks.

Incident Response

Incident response is normally under severe time pressure and is not the time to be negotiating contracts. While we regularly help people under these circumstances, it is our preference to pre-arrange these services.

We offer a number of plans (including from $0 retainer fees) to help you be prepared for the inevitable.

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Managed Services

Consulting Services

Consulting Services
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Our consulting services are the foundation of our company. We firmly believe that high quality, experience based, pragmatic advisory is one of the most valuable services we offer our clients.

Our consultants are highly experienced. Most of us have a history that includes security management in large or complex organisations. We understand organisational or business context and we understand security is required to help business.

Risk Management

Great Risk Management is fundamental to protecting your organisation.

We know what Great looks like and we can help you achieve it.


If you are looking for a quality security manager, but don't want to employ your own, please try one of ours.

We will happily provide you with an experienced senior security manager to help you.

Security Policies

Quality, useful security policy is hard to find.

We have helped some of New Zealand's largest organisations and some of New Zealand's smallest organisations develop and implement their security policies.

ISO27001 Certification


No matter if you are big or small, with our qualified ISO27001 Lead Auditors on your team, you will have the experience, knowledge and capabilities to help you prepare for Certification.

PSR/NZISM Regulations

Having come from government, we get it. We helped write it.

Both the PSR and the NZISM are documents we know very well and we are able to help you with all aspects of your government security Certification and Accreditation requirements.


We offer some of the most experienced security auditors in the country.

Our experiences encompass the various All of Government Common Capabilities (IaaS, DaaS, TaaS). We have audited the physical security of most major NZ Data Centres. ISO27001 is within our skill set.

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Technical Security

Technical Security

Our technical expertise has been forged at the front line of cyber defence. Our core technical team originates from government cyber security. We have extensive first-hand experience of real world cyber threats on a global scale. It is this knowledge, understanding, and experience that we bring to help you.


Our approach may not be traditional, but it works.

Please have a chat with us before your next technical security project.

Web Application

Application testing to identify any security or data vulnerabilities of web applications such as Office365.  Clients are provided with a detailed vulnerability report with recommendations for environment hardening.

Network Testing

Penetration testing from the perspective of an attacker on the internet, aimed at providing the client with a level of assurance that their staff, customers, and business are protected from external threats

Wireless Security


Wireless security is a perennial problem that presents potential privacy and confidentiality risks.  We offer wireless security assessments that assess your wireless services for vulnerabilities and security issues.

Baseline Security


Our Baseline Technical Security Assessments provide our clients with measurements against key baseline security controls. This process provides our clients with a clear understanding of where they are and measurably how they can improve.

Digital Forensic

Our forensic team have all come from the NZ Police High Tech Crime Group. Our skills and experiences cover the full range of digital forensic services from; identification, chain of custody, preservation, analysis, reporting and presentation, all to Court standards.



Vulnerability management is a continuous process and critical to maintaining a secure environment for your information.

We offer vulnerability assessments using internationally recognised tools and techniques.

Security Design


Our experienced security advisors are available to provide security design assessment and advice.


We offer some of the most experienced security auditors in the country.

Our experiences encompass the various All of Government Common Capabilities (IaaS, DaaS, TaaS). We have audited the physical security of most major NZ Data Centres. ISO27001 is within our skill set.

Physical Security

Physical Security

Our physical security expertise is routinely used to assess the physical protections that are provided for information security assets.

Data Centre


We have assessed the physical security of most, if not all, major datacentres in New Zealand.

Our physical security experts are on hand to assist you with the physical security of your data centre assets.

Physical Site


We are routinely engaged to provide advice on the physical security of information security assets.

Executive Engagement

Executive Engagement
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Board Engagement

Our executive level pedigree is without exception. We hold extensive senior international leadership experience.

We can help your leadership navigate the issues, myths, and reality of cyber and information security risks as a focused business first discussion.


If you are struggling to find suitable senior security expertise, please consider our vCISO service.

No matter if you need us occasionally, regularly, or for a sustained project, we have appropriately skilled people to help.


Security issues can be wider than pure information security.

Please consider us when you have a need for a trusted executive level security advisor.

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